10 August 2012

The Lie: No, it would not be “funny” if you cut your sister’s hair while she slept.

The Truth: It would be hilarious – perhaps even more hilarious than the time he scribbled on her face with marker while she slept. My son seems to naturally possess all of the proclivities necessary to participate in the Greek system.

As for Olivia, she’ll apparently sleep through anything – a trait which will cause me no shortage of unease if she ever decides to participate in the Greek system. (Or go to college at all. Or leave my house, ever.)


  1. TSchmiddy says:

    haha yeah no kiding my daughters going to an all girls college for sure!!!

  2. daisy says:

    You’ve got a kid who will sleep through anything…I’ve got one who hasn’t slept through the night once in the past year. Want to trade?

  3. Urban Mommy says:

    That bit about markers being “washable”? Speaking of lies…

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