5 September 2023

If you`re an avid crossword solver, you`ve likely come across the clue “indicate agreement” in the New York Times crossword or other puzzles. It`s a common phrase used to describe a word or phrase that denotes a consensus or mutual understanding. But what are some possible solutions to this popular crossword clue?

One possible answer is “nod,” which is often used to signify agreement or affirmation. When someone nods their head, they are indicating their approval or acknowledgement of something. In a crossword puzzle, “nod” is often clued as “indicate agreement,” “give the okay,” or “approve silently.”

Another possible solution is “assent,” which is a more formal way of expressing agreement or consent. This word is often used in legal or parliamentary contexts, and it has a slightly more serious connotation than “nod.” “Assent” is commonly clued as “give consent,” “agree formally,” or “express approval.”

A third option is “accede,” which means to agree or consent to a request or proposal. This verb is often used in negotiations or diplomatic contexts, and it implies a certain level of compromise or concession. “Accede” is frequently clued as “give in,” “yield,” or “accept under pressure.”

Other possible answers to the “indicate agreement” crossword clue include “concur,” “assure,” “affirm,” “validate,” and “certify.” These words all express some form of agreement or confirmation, and they are commonly used in various contexts.

As with any crossword puzzle clue, the key is to consider the context and any related clues that might offer hints. If you`re still stumped, try using a crossword solver tool or consult a crossword dictionary or reference book. With a little perseverance and wordplay, you`ll surely find the right answer to “indicate agreement” and other challenging crossword clues.