12 October 2011

The Lie: No, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to spend time with your grandma and grandpa.

The Truth: I think it would be a great idea. Michelle’s parents are awesome. Her dad and I used to hang out at McGrath’s and watch the Bruins. I still stop in every now and then during games, but I haven’t seen him. There’s a part of me that’s tempted to give him a call and ask him to grab lunch, although I assume there’s some unwritten prohibition against trying to hang out with your ex-wife’s father while doing your best to avoid your ex-wife.

Maybe I subconsciously assumed Michelle would be really good at marriage, since her parents were clearly such experts. By that logic, though, I should’ve expected that I’d be really bad at being married, given the example my parents set for me. I mean, hey, maybe I was; who can say which one of us was at fault?

(Michelle can say, actually – and did, several times a day, during those last few years. It got really annoying.)


  1. Badnikl says:

    Not the truth I was expecting. Take this as someone who just met you and know nothing but what you just wrote. The Kids want you to. You want to. Father in law is the only question mark as you feel the ex would not be happy, what else is new there?

    So, from afar, what do you have to lose. “Hey Dad, I miss us hanging out at the bar and watching games, how about lunch?”

    You still have a tremendous amount in common, and if he has a set, because it would take some for you to ask him, he would at least consider it.

    If the answer is no, at least I think he would think you are a stand up guy for even asking. Also
    later on he may re-consider and the door is open.
    Just set the rule, in your head, that you don’t ever talk bad about his “Baby”.

  2. Nami says:

    What’s the worst that could happen? Sure, you could be opening up a can of worms, Pandora’s Box or the snake in the grass(is this helping at all?) on the other hand, that can of worms is going to be there whether you open it or not.

    “A man is not old until his regrets take the place of his dreams.”

    Good luck!

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