15 July 2011

The Lie: You made that at pre-school today? It looks great.

The Truth: It looks terrible. I can’t even tell what it’s supposed to be. I never can. I always just ask if it has a title and hope for the best. (Usually it’s something pretty on-the-nose, like Grocery Store, so I’m in the clear.) Why are both of my kids so useless at art? I can draw things, sort of. I’m relatively good at Pictionary. Michelle was always horrible at it, which I suppose I can file under “Michelle’s shortcomings that I found adorable until she passed them along to my children.”

Also, whose terrible idea was it to elevate macaroni to the status of art medium? It’s not even that successful as a food. It’s good with cheese, but everything’s good with cheese.


  1. James says:

    What an asshole! No wonder she left you.

    Obviously a pre-schooler won’t have any technical skill. But they have a wealth of natural creativity, which is only nurtured by encouragement.

    If you think your kids don’t know when you’re being insincere, you have a lot to learn.

  2. ArraeMom says:

    Haha that’s great! Unfortunately my kid’s pictures don’t come with titles yet so when I ask what it is I get the “Duh mom” tone. Kids have no idea if im being sincere. I act amazed and they’re satisfied.

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