12 June 2012

The Lie: Of course I’m sad that the Celtics are out of the playoffs.

The Truth: Sad isn’t the right word for it. I’m disappointed, yes, but there’s a certain degree of relief paired with that disappointment. As much as I love postseason basketball, it takes a lot out of me to spend three hours cheering and groaning every other night for an entire month. On top of that, they lost – I watched them dutifully for twenty games, screaming my lungs out every time, and they lost. Why should I force myself to expend a ton of hope and investment on something only to watch it end in disappointment? There’ll be plenty of time for that when my kids are applying to colleges.

Truthfully, the Celtics getting eliminated reminds me of how I felt when it was determined that Michelle would have primary custody of the kids. I was disappointed, sure, because I’m a fan of theirs, but I was relieved as well. It felt nice – as it does now – to know that I’d finally be able to spend a bunch of evenings in a row without once having to shout at the top of my lungs.


  1. Chuck R says:

    Maybe that’s why you’re so frustrated by your kids all the time. You grew up in the 80s when the Celtics were always winners so you never experienced mediocrity.

  2. TSchmiddy says:

    enjoy it now, with NBA and NHL over its just baseball, soon it will be football again!!!

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